MeProject Engineer/Guitarist and Guitar tutor/Beginner Programmer/Political analyst/Christian

From India but currently living in Tokyo, so trying to write stuff about living here and also sharing photos of the place. I also write about other things like Guitar, Music and my Faith!!

Check out my Tech blog – http://divinelawrence.wordpress.com/

My Email ID – divinesamuel@gmail.com

  1. 14mayvenus says:

    Haha – you’ve done write ups about 2 places I want to visit – Rainbow Bridge walk and Enoshima, very useful! Following now!

    • Divine says:

      Thanks. Both places are really nice. You should definitely visit.

      • 14mayvenus says:

        your posts very helpfully guide me on exactly how to go about the trips. Been wondering where to start the Rainbow Bridge trek – now I know! Now starting to look at Kagoshima and Kumamoto. Japan would take a lifetime to see!

      • Divine says:

        Cool. Glad that the posts are helpful. Do let me know if you need any other information about these places. Kagoshima and Kumamoto! Nice! I’ve never been anywhere south of Tokyo. I want to visit Kyoto and Osaka sometime this year.

  2. Pavi says:

    Hey, great to see another blog on Japan! Keep up the reports please – with summer coming on, life gets even more interesting here!

    And do make sure you head south of Tokyo soon. The Inland Sea between Honshu and Shikoku is incredibly beautiful.

    • Divine says:

      Thanks for stopping by my page. Will definitely be updating the blog. You have lots of great articles in your blog, just reading through some of them now. Yeah, I should head south sometime soon.

  3. Thanks for following my blog dude – it’s nice to have a bit of support when I’m just starting out! Love your stuff on here, it really brings back memories from my visits! Following now.

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