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I haven’t really posted anything here for a really long time. My brother and I recently made a cover of a song that we both really like by Josh Wilson – “Carry Me”. I thought I’ll share that with everyone.

I’d also like to share this photo I took while I was on vacation in my hometown – Kodaikanal

Silent Valley View



Posted: March 3, 2013 in Music
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Apple opened its iTunes Music Store in India only recently, at the end of last year I think. Since then it’s been really great to be able to download music (legally!!). There’s also Flipkart’s Flyte Music Store, but they don’t really have the same kind of English Music collection like iTunes. The best part about digital music and especially iTunes is the competitive price that they offer in India. The most expensive albums (Usually deluxe versions with some bonus tracks) come up to INR 150 which is about 2.7 USD or 255 YEN right now. So I’ve been downloading and listening to a lot of new music.



About a week back I heard a song on the Radio called Jet Lag by Simple Plan. The tune was really catchy. So I googled the song and then eventually downloaded the whole album. Get Your Heart On! by Simple Plan. It’s one of the best albums I’ve listened to in a while. There are just so many nice songs. It’s quite rare for me to like so many songs in a single album. Some songs are kind of kiddish and I’m not a teenager! But the songs are good. These are the songs I like in the album.

  • You Suck At Love
  • Jet Lag (Feat Natasha Bedingfield)
  • Astronaut
  • Loser Of The Year
  • Anywhere Else But Here
  • This Song Saved My Life
  • Jet Lag (feat. Marie-Mai)

My favourite song is definitely Jet Lag. I downloaded the Album because of that song. There is also a French version of this song in the album. French really sounds beautiful even though I don’t understand a word of it!!

If you listen to any of the songs do let me know what you think!


Posted: October 8, 2012 in Music
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So today I’ve decided to write about an album that I enjoyed listening to recently. It’s Vice Verses by Switchfoot. It is not a very new album – it was released in September 2011. I totally love this album. When I usually listen to a music album, I like a couple of songs or so but with this one I like a lot of the songs. The album is well defined and I think each song flows into the next one. It’s like the theme of the album which to me seems like “the deeper questions of life or our purpose of existence” sticks out in each song. I’m just going to give a short intro to three songs I like the most in the album.

The first song “Afterlife” is a neat start to the album. The song asks if we are letting too much for the afterlife and aren’t doing enough now. I think the line below sums up the whole theme of the song. I really love the opening riff to this song.

“Why would I wait till I die to come alive?”

The third song “The War inside” is the next song I like. The verse kind of has a monotonous tone to it but it also feels like it’s building up into something big and the chorus definitely delivers what it should. The idea that most of our fights are inside of us – the questions, the fears, the doubts and things that shape our views, our perspectives and our actions are hidden deep inside us is brought out brilliantly by this song.

“This skin and bones is rental,
And no one makes it out alive”

“Where I belong” is definitely my favourite song of the album. It has a quiet and peaceful sound to it. The way the songs starts with “Oh oh oh oh” and how that runs throughout the song is just awesome. It talks about our hope in an eternal life and how our life on earth is just temporary.

“I still believe we can live forever;
You and I we begin forever now”

The album ends with the lines above being repeated a few times. And it’s cool that the same lyrics actually are in the first song as well. I really like how the end is connected to the start.

Honestly I’m more of a country music lyrics fan usually, where the lyrics are simple and I don’t really have to guess what they’re saying because it’s plain and simple. But I like the lyrics (and music) of this album, it’s not very complicated but it’s not simple either. You can definitely interpret each song in more than one way. I also like Switchfoot’s views and questions on Faith.“I can’t just shut it up and fake that I’m alright”

Some of the other songs I like in the album are “The Original, Restless and Dark horses. If you’ve not listened to this album before, you definitely have to listen to it.


Posted: July 24, 2012 in Guitar, Music
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I’ve had this Zoom G2.1u processor for more than 3 years and I really like this multi-effects pedal. When I first started playing the lead guitar I used to use a Zoom 505 that I borrowed from a friend of mine. Since then I’ve really liked the sound that a Zoom processor gives. I’ve tried some other multi effects pedals like the Digitech, Korg and Boss but I’ve never really liked their sounds. But in their defense I actually haven’t had too much time to test them out. I’ve usually just tried some patches that friends of mine had already set in those processors and I always felt my Zoom sounded way cleaner.


I’m not too technical and am more used to setting things based on sounds I hear and how I like them. There are features I’ve never used in this processor. I just thought I’ll talk about some of the effects that I generally use. I mostly play only in Church so the drives and effects I use are based on that.

  1. The Drives: There are only two drives that I use. The first is BG Crunch (bC) – This is my standard distortion/overdrive sound. I mostly use it during the chorus of the song or the heavier parts of the song where riffs or general power chords are played. It sounds somewhat like the overdrive sound that contemporary Christian artists like Hillsong and stuff use. The gain is set to max. The second drive I use is US Blues (bL). I feel this has a better sustain so I use it to play solos. 99% of the time, I will turn on the delay while using this patch because I use this for soloing. I set the volume of the BG Crunch lesser than that of US Blues because when I go into the solo of the song it gives a volume boost automatically without me having to increase it with the pedal
  2. Clean tone: I always use the FD clean (FC). It gives a very nice clean tone for plucking notes during the quieter part of the songs.
  3. Noise reduction: I use this for the distortion/overdrive patches. It is always set to the max 16. It really helps to cut down the noise from these patches.
  4. Equalizer: This is really important when playing with a band. I make sure that the highs are increased and the lows are cut. There are no specific values but if the lows are increased then the guitar’s sound will be lost in the mix. I mostly play on the bridge pickup in Church because the sound from the neck pick up gets lost in the total mix when the other instruments come in.
  5. Delay: I really love the sound of a delay. I recently bought a TC electronic nova nd-1 delay so I’m now using that. But the zoom has its own delay options. I use the dL, which is the normal delay. The feedback is set to 20 and mix is also set to 20. You can increase both of this but the delay will become stronger as it’s digital. You have to be careful not to overdo it or the subtle effect will be lost. The first knob lets you control the time of the delay. It is measured in milli seconds, so increasing the time will result in longer time delay between each repeats. The delay tempo can also be tapped in with the tap button in the pedal or an external footswitch. I recently learned how to tap in a dotted eight note delay in the Zoom processor using a foot switch. It’s pretty cool. I sometimes set my Nova nd-1 delay to dotted eight and the zoom’s delay to quarter notes. The dual delay gives a really nice sound.
  6. The Pedal: The Zoom G2.1u comes with a pedal which can be used for Volume control, wah and many other effects. But I’ve only been using it as a volume pedal. An annoying thing is that if the pedal is set to wah for a patch and you switch to that patch, the overall volume suddenly goes to the maximum. So live it’s impossible for me to control the volume when I use this pedal for the wah. Recently I bought another boss FV-500L volume pedal. Now I can use the Zoom’s pedal for wah and still control the overall volume. So only now I’ve started trying to play some stuff using the wah. Still a long way to go for me there.
  7. Other effects: The pedal obviously has many other effects like the chorus, flanger, reverb, tremolo etc. But these are totally dependent on songs. I might use them for different songs. I recently tried using the tremolo for one of delirious’ songs – I loved how it sounded.

I really like this pedal and would definitely suggest it to someone who has just started playing the lead guitar. This model though is not manufactured anymore, it’s next version Zoom G2.1nu is available and is almost the same with some improvements. The pedal is very easy to use. You’ll definitely need to refer to the manual to know each option and how it can be tweaked. As I already mentioned, I’ve used it for more than 3 years now and carry it around a lot. I’ve had no problems with it till now, so I guess it is pretty solid. By the way, I’ve ordered a Zoom G3 and should be getting it in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty excited about that. I’m also in a dilemma if I should start buying analog pedals. But they are way more expensive and give you lesser options than digital ones. So for now I’m sticking to the digital multi-effects. If you want to know anything more about the Zoom G2.1u, do let me know.