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Last week I finally got to visit the Tokyo tower. The Tokyo tower stands at 333 metres and is the second tallest structure in Japan. The view from there was absolutely amazing.  On route to the Tokyo tower I also visited the Zojoji temple which is a Buddhist Shrine.

Getting there

There are a few stations that are quite close to the Tokyo tower. But I took the Yamanote line to Hamamatsucho station and walked from there. It’s almost a straight road from the station to the Tokyo Tower

Zojoji temple

Entrance fee: No entrance fee, it’s free!

The Zojoji temple comes before the Tokyo Tower when you walk from the Hamatsucho Station. It is the main temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism in the Kanto Region. Interestingly, though this temple was originally built around 1400, it was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. So all buildings except the Sangedatsu Mon which is the main gate, are re-constructions.

Zojoji 2

The Main Hall

There is a Main Hall which is somewhere in the middle and some other smaller buildings around it. When I was there they were performing some Buddhist ritual in the main hall. People were sitting in lines and they had a small drum kind of thing next to them. Then when the ritual started they uniformly started banging the drums in rhythmic manner. It was quite interesting. There was a message board that said that we’re not allowed to take pictures during the ceremony. In all other places you are free to take photographs as you please.


Sangedatsu Mon – The Main Gate

Behind the Temple there were some graves but access was restricted to this part of the compound. In another building next to the Main hall there were some other Buddhist statues and they were also selling souvenirs. I mostly never buy these kind of souvenirs in Japan. They are simple overpriced. Chopsticks or a small key chain for 500 Yen? – No Thank You!!

Tokyo Tower

Entrance fee

Main Observatory: 820 Yen
Special Observatory: 600 Yen (total 1420 Yen)

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is just behind the Temple. To go up to the main observatory the cost is 820 Yen. Once you reach the main observatory, you can get another ticket to go to the special observatory if you want. There is a waiting time of about 45 minutes after you get the ticket at the main observatory to go to the special one. But you can use that time to take a look at things from the main observatory. The main observatory is at 150 metres and the special observatory is at 250 metres. The best time to go is probably in the evening at about 5-6 PM so you can watch the sunset and also view the city in the night. Tokyo looks really beautiful in the night. There is a place in the main observatory from where you can look straight down. It is a glass floor and you can look straight down through it. You can also stand on it. Though you know it is probably a really strong glass it does feel a bit scary because if it breaks, it’s a 150 metre drop. But the chances of that happening are nil.


View from the Main Observatory of the Tokyo Tower

On the way back I had ビーフカツカレー (Beef Cutlet Curry) at Coco Ichibanya Curry House  – one of my favourite food dishes from one of my favourite restaurants in Japan.

Have you been to the Tokyo Tower or the Zojoji temple?

  1. Dawn says:

    great recommendations there. enjoyed this informative piece. will be travelling to tokyo from kuala lumpur, malaysia on march 13 onwards. any advice on the weather please? was told its spring but the weather changes crazily!

    • Thanks a lot for your really nice comment. We had some nice and warm weather at around 18-20 Deg C last week, but this evening it’s suddenly back to 8 Deg C. It is expected to be around 10-14 Deg C during the daytime for the next week, so it’ll be quite cold I suppose.

  2. Dawn says:

    Yes been checking up on weather and its plunging! Its really erratic. Well hope it gets warmer soon. Hope you’ve been good =D

  3. Dawn says:

    Hi there, so coincidentally I stayed at Prince Hotel, just next to the temple and a stroll away from Tokyo Tower. Weather was good, tad windy though. Was lucky to see a blossoming cherry tree just outside of the hotel last week.

    • Divine says:

      That’s nice. I went to the Ueno Park last week to see the cherry blossoms. It was really beautiful! The cherry blossoms are everywhere now.

  4. Dawn says:

    Yea was indeed lucky enough to see a blossoming cherry tree. too bad I had to leave early. do let me know when you’re down in Kuala Lumpur =D

  5. Great photo’s Divine. Tokyo tower was amazing to see. I didn’t get a chance to photograph it which was a bummer but i will be back there one day and i will get a few good photo’s. I made sure i didn’t miss photographing the Tokyo sky tree though.

    • Divine says:

      Hey Shane, thanks a lot! Your photo of the sky tree is simply amazing! All the photos in your website are brilliant. I’ve just started learning a bit about photography now.

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